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Story Thus Far

First Session-Ammoth Campaign

Thus far the party has met in the city of Tigrus, a trade hub for the region of Gothrastir. Upon entering “The Hub”, the center of trade in Tigrus, a fight broke out between an undead elf and a mysterious knight known as “The Knight of Crows”. After the Knight had won and dispatched the undead you were summoned to the Mayor of Tigrus, Jalak. He asked the party if they could go to the frozen northern province of Nubalraz, specifically to the capital, Tir; in order to help with an invasion of undead from Tiressa. Traveling to the Southweast, the party fought several undead crocodiles, built some automatons, and found an insane old man with tentacles for legs. He directed you to the ruined Citadel of Caer Comre, an old fortress populated with automatons and now undead. You infiltrated the castle, losing several automatons to traps and dodging others. You battled your way through shadows, rats, plague zombies, and plague walkers. The antics of a mad bomber, Gelbin Megaton, destroyed 3 Plague walkers, and blew the color out of his eyes. Afterwards however, he lost his arm to the disease-ridden explosion that ensured. After the walkers had been dispatched, several swarms of rats came racing down the corridor led by plague spewers. Ingenious thinking from Felix Tink and Jake Suli lead to the incineration of the many swarms and severely injured the plague spewers. Unfortunately, T√§iskuu the Lunar Barbarian could not end his rage and attacked the party, resulting in his untimely death by the hands…err…mouth of Peritus, who messily devoured the heart of the stricken Barbarian.



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