For the creation of characters

Chchch changes

Altering a few skills

This difference in jumping 1 ft and 20 feet is absurd.
Jumping distance is 2d6, +1 additional foot per rank in acrobatics.

Feint is a combat maneuver, just like any other. It functions the same way described in the skill description, with “bluff” replaced by “CMB” and “sense motive” replaced by “CMD.”
You may use either your bluff check or use it like a combat manuver

Swim Let this skill be purged from the game, and its name never be spoken again.

Judgement: House rule this skill out of the game and roll it into bluff instead. Allow all players to disguise themselves, and make a feat available to anyone who wants to improve their ability.

Languages can also be learned by spending time resources, rather than skill resources
A character who wishes to learn a new language must spend 2 points rather than 1 to learn a new language

House rule this out of the game as a skill. Instead, possibly make it a stand-alone trait for each character.
Useless as the profession skill may be, however, there might be some benefit to a character having a listed profession.
The idea is that if a player can justify their character possessing a certain skill on the basis of their profession, then the character will be able to use that skill effectively.
For example, a character whose profession was sailor would obviously be able to swim, tie ropes, and avoid sea sickness.
Whereas a player whose profession was miner would be particularly effective at noticing details and dangers underground.

Spellcraft functions well for the most part. I don’t really like the way in which it interacts with the craft skill though.
My only real problem with the skill is the way it is used to identify magic items. (I’m thinking about a change to how that works eventually)

In addition, I’ve also allowed casters to use spellcraft to spontaneously craft new spells. If a caster is in combat, and they would like to modify one of their spells in an unusual way, or would like to combine it with another spell, then I’ll allow them to do so. They must first provide a good explanation of how the spell will work (“I want to cast acid orb on my crossbow bolt, and fire it into the ogre!” or “I’d like to cast Cone of Cold and Fireball simultaneously to create a blast of steam.”) They must succeed on a DC 15 + [level of any spells involved, added together] spellcraft check, and expend two spells slots available of equal or higher level, which are lost whether the spell succeeds or not.



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