For the creation of characters

Chchch changes
Altering a few skills

This difference in jumping 1 ft and 20 feet is absurd.
Jumping distance is 2d6, +1 additional foot per rank in acrobatics.

Feint is a combat maneuver, just like any other. It functions the same way described in the skill description, with “bluff” replaced by “CMB” and “sense motive” replaced by “CMD.”
You may use either your bluff check or use it like a combat manuver

Swim Let this skill be purged from the game, and its name never be spoken again.

Judgement: House rule this skill out of the game and roll it into bluff instead. Allow all players to disguise themselves, and make a feat available to anyone who wants to improve their ability.

Languages can also be learned by spending time resources, rather than skill resources
A character who wishes to learn a new language must spend 2 points rather than 1 to learn a new language

House rule this out of the game as a skill. Instead, possibly make it a stand-alone trait for each character.
Useless as the profession skill may be, however, there might be some benefit to a character having a listed profession.
The idea is that if a player can justify their character possessing a certain skill on the basis of their profession, then the character will be able to use that skill effectively.
For example, a character whose profession was sailor would obviously be able to swim, tie ropes, and avoid sea sickness.
Whereas a player whose profession was miner would be particularly effective at noticing details and dangers underground.

Spellcraft functions well for the most part. I don’t really like the way in which it interacts with the craft skill though.
My only real problem with the skill is the way it is used to identify magic items. (I’m thinking about a change to how that works eventually)

In addition, I’ve also allowed casters to use spellcraft to spontaneously craft new spells. If a caster is in combat, and they would like to modify one of their spells in an unusual way, or would like to combine it with another spell, then I’ll allow them to do so. They must first provide a good explanation of how the spell will work (“I want to cast acid orb on my crossbow bolt, and fire it into the ogre!” or “I’d like to cast Cone of Cold and Fireball simultaneously to create a blast of steam.”) They must succeed on a DC 15 + [level of any spells involved, added together] spellcraft check, and expend two spells slots available of equal or higher level, which are lost whether the spell succeeds or not.
Of All Time!!!


“I can do that in my dreams” – Larry

“He’s a snake with a tail this biiiiig!” – Larry holding his arms in a large circle

“Shut the fuck up, you’re in a bush” – Larry

“Jesus” – Larry
“Jesus isn’t here” – Jeremy
“Use spot” – Robert
“Use detect evil” – Emmett

Jeremy mocks Larry
“Shut up Emmett” – Larry
“What the fuck did I do” – Emmett in his mind

“I’m going to grasp his face” – Larry

“Make sure he’s got a condom” – Robert to Andrew over the phone
WHAT?!” – Andrew’s Girlfriend also in the room

“The nipple juice splashed on your face” – Robert

“He’s just a bear” – Robert

“Incoming raptors!!!” – Sean

“All you see is Tholnir’s and Anika’s naked bodies flying through the air and land in the field” – Robert

“Sean, you’ve been letting me walk around with 12 pounds of gold?” – Emmett
“That’s a lot of gold!” – Sean

“Can I haz battle owl?” – Jeremy

“The only downside to being grappled by spikes is…being…grappled by spikes” – Everybody

“He burnt down a forest and killed thousands of people” – Sean
“We don’t really like him” – Bryce

“Ninja Hitler, throwing swastikas, and you can just see his little mustache under his ninja mask” – Jeremy

“I don’t want to take a seman pill!!!” – Robert

“So we finished taking out the nipple spider, OH CRAP!!!, nipple snake” – Larry

“Why do you have your hand in your pants?” – Larry
“You just now noticed that?” – Robert
“I’m comfortable with that” – Bryce

“Why are you tugging on your penis on the treadmill?” – Robert
“Not my penis, my pants” – Larry

“Bryce, did you finish?” – Maggie
“He needs 2 more minutes” – Andrew

“My butt cheecks flapped together and it hurt!” – Larry

“Stop rubbing your nipple Bryce” – Jeremy

“Stop slowly stroaking my leg hair” – Larry
“He won’t let me” – Bryce

“Look down, now look back up. The room is now centipede” – Larry

“To give you a perspective, the room is now centipede” – Sean

“Robert, will you suck on my nipple?” – Bryce
No comment – Robert

“I want to jump into the middle of the centepede ball pit of hell” – Larry

“Did you know that the last Nintendo 64 game was made in 2006?” – Larry
“Dreamcast?” – Bryce

“You can’t throw rapier and do a lot of damage. It’s a light weapon, it’s unrealistic.” – Zeb
“He can shoot magic out of his fists!!!” – Sean (pointing at Larry)

“What’s a devil lemur” – Larry
“It’s a lemeur” – Sean with a french accent

“Portable battering ham sized rammer? Wait, what did I say?” – Larry

“Yes cancer is a carcinogen” – Robert

“Oooh, east? I thought you said weast.” – Emmett

“We’re in the ocean, this would be a good time to summon a manete. We’re in the ocean, you wouldn’t even need to set it on fire!” – Bryce

“I wasn’t escaping from the zombies, I was escaping from the hospital” – Robert

“The head is a very small target for a chair” – Robert

“We can use your foreskin to store food” – Sean

“You pull the board, the bottles fall onto the floor, you place the board on the floor and stand on it. Congradulations” – everyone

“A naked giant running at you with a piece of glass, and his penis probably slaps you.” – Larry
“And food stuffs come out” – Bryce

“All quiet on the weastern front” – Larry

“You’re missing a button” – Robert
WHERE IS SHE?!” – Bryce

“Before we were talking about taking you out of the town and shooting you in the face like Old Yeller” – Larry
“And Encenda says “No you guys, Jeff is my dog, I’ll do it”" – Emmett

“This land is called Weasteros” – Bryce
“That’s not funny” – Larry
Emmett starts writing
“Please don’t write that!!! I hate you…you butt” – Bryce

“We shall we shall night!” – Larry

“What good race doesn’t have a rectal pouch?” – Sean

“If i get you a peice of paper, can you draw what your camp looked like?” – Sean
“I apologize but I do not know how to pencil. I have paws.” – Jeremy in Jeff accent

“I’m a wolf mother fucker. Sorry. I’m a fox mother fucker. Sorry, even I forget” – Jeremy

“You should light a small fire” – Larry
“OH! As a distraction?” – Jeremy
“No, I think you should light his house on fire…and maybe it will kill him.” – Larry

Robert throws mountain dew at Bryce
AAACH!!!” – Bryce

“He is growing, his snout is elongating, and he is-” – Robert

“Is it terrible that while this is happening, I think of Rusty?” – Larry

“The next guy to die would probably be the blackest, most athletic, and has the longest shlong” – Robert
MEEEE!!!!” – Sean from the bathroom

“Now what do you do?” – Robert
“Eh, I’ll probably pee” – Larry
“That’s a free action!” – Sean

“I’ve been to France…in Northern Hemisphere” – Larry, in a French accent

“I want to hurt my spine” – Bryce
Sits on chair
WOOAAAHHH!!” – Bryce

Bryce goes to reach for the dog with a marker in hand
“No Bryce, dont draw on the dog” – Larry
“Dont draw on the dog” – Emily
“No Bryce, dont draw on the dog” – Sean
“Youre right, its a bad idea” – Bryce

“You might enact with there-” – Sean
“Underling?” – Bryce
“Underlings” – Sean
“Underwears!!!” – Larry

“Id like to hiss…HHEHH” Jeremy

“Sheela moves there, and gets ready for me to mount her” – Jeremy

“Bryce, what is that?” – Larry
“It’s a penis cannon” – Bryce
“What does it shoot?” – Larry
“I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Bryce

“Monkey from Speed Racer?” – Larry
SPRIALS!!! SPIRALS!!!” – Bryce

Robert makes a Zoidberg noise
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” – Bryce

“A man with a mouth for a vagine…A VAGINA FOR A MOUTH!” – Jeremy

“One, Two, Three…” – Jeremy
“Triangle” – Bryce

“Spicey diareah vomit in your anus” – Jeremy
“The never ending story!!!” – Bryce

“Life is like a human centipede, you never know what you are going to get” – Jeremy

“I taste some of the blood” – Jeremy
“It’s…” – Sean
AIDS!!!!” – Emmett

“Robert, can you throw this away?” – Larry
“No, Bryce has to do it and learn some responsibility” – Robert
“Where do I puuuut it?” – Bryce leaping up

“Why would you want more craft? Minecraft, Warcraft…” – Larry
“Whorecraft” – Bryce
“Is that like a mod or something?” – Larry
“Its a porn site” – Jeremy, sounding dissapointed

“Do you ever use your keypad” – Larry
“What keypad?” – Bryce

“Oh crap…printer?” – Bryce quietly
“Printer?” – Jeremy
“Printer? PRINTER!?!?” – Bryce getting louder

“Your parents must be listening to some hardcore music” – Larry
“That’s the fan” – Jeremy
“That’s not the fan” – Larry
“I think that’s the fan…Oh, maybe that is not the fan…” – Jeremy

“Im not worrying about choking” – Larry, putting the can popper into the soda
Later when nobody is paying attention
MMMGHH, AUUGHH, That really just happened?” Larry, choking on the can popper

“Bryce, learn some responsibility and use a plate” – Robert
FUCK!!!” – Bryce

“Are you like the pope” – Larry
“Everybody let me bless your waaater!” – Bryce singing

“A hat in a cat” – Larry
“A hat in a cat? So the cat…aaaaaaugh…and spits up a hat?” – Emmett

“God uses strength to hit. Punches the ground and creates a crater” – Sean
“Yup, D&D” – Bryce

“Celestial bear” – Sean
“Celestial?” – Larry
“Bear?” – Bryce
“Bear?” – Emmett
“Bear?” – Jeremy
“Bear?” – Larry

“Are you homosexual?” – Jeremy
“You already detected evil” – Ian

“I feel like if there is a chance I am going to baby, I am not going to go to the bathroom.” – Max

“I want to roll diplomacy to convince you I am not going to kill you in your sleep.” – Ian

“I want to base a paladin off of a pirate. He would be black and run around and free all of the slaves” – Spencer

“It’s not about what’s in the heart, it’s what’s in the hat” – Spencer

“It’s evil to use the cats in that manor.” – Jeremy

“We need to give him a proper funeral. He died like a warrior.” – Joey
“But he didn’t. He got snuck up on and mauled by a tiger.” – Elijah

“How many orphans are dying?” – Joey

“No DnD campaign is complete without at least fifteen dead orphans.” – Elijah

“Do I get an alignment check for saving the orphans?” – Joey
“You are the one who set them on fire!” – Spencer

“No, you cannot stealth while using a jetpack!” – Spencer

“Do I excrete nuclear waste out of my corgi dick?” – Emmett

“Spencer, roll a percentile. Do I have a butt?” – Emmett

“I excrete liquid chaos from my nipples!” – Emmett
“All five of them” – Joey

“If you google angle bat thing halo root, you get a bunch of fat baseball players…” – Elijah

“We can paint Joey red to make him go faster” – Sean
“You would need A LOT of blood” – Spencer
“We have an entire orphan!” – Jeremy

“Larry, are you evil?” – Jeremy
“Well, I, uh….” – Larry
“Would you like to be?” – Jeremy

“We turned this orphan into a sheep, awoke that sheep, killed that sheep, and reincarnated that sheep into a brewd keeper, all because he wouldnt eat that banana.” – Jeremy

Story Thus Far
First Session-Ammoth Campaign

Thus far the party has met in the city of Tigrus, a trade hub for the region of Gothrastir. Upon entering “The Hub”, the center of trade in Tigrus, a fight broke out between an undead elf and a mysterious knight known as “The Knight of Crows”. After the Knight had won and dispatched the undead you were summoned to the Mayor of Tigrus, Jalak. He asked the party if they could go to the frozen northern province of Nubalraz, specifically to the capital, Tir; in order to help with an invasion of undead from Tiressa. Traveling to the Southweast, the party fought several undead crocodiles, built some automatons, and found an insane old man with tentacles for legs. He directed you to the ruined Citadel of Caer Comre, an old fortress populated with automatons and now undead. You infiltrated the castle, losing several automatons to traps and dodging others. You battled your way through shadows, rats, plague zombies, and plague walkers. The antics of a mad bomber, Gelbin Megaton, destroyed 3 Plague walkers, and blew the color out of his eyes. Afterwards however, he lost his arm to the disease-ridden explosion that ensured. After the walkers had been dispatched, several swarms of rats came racing down the corridor led by plague spewers. Ingenious thinking from Felix Tink and Jake Suli lead to the incineration of the many swarms and severely injured the plague spewers. Unfortunately, Täiskuu the Lunar Barbarian could not end his rage and attacked the party, resulting in his untimely death by the hands…err…mouth of Peritus, who messily devoured the heart of the stricken Barbarian.

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